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Cristo's Halloween

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I made this in 50 days, this is my greatest creation yet! Cristo and Diman go trick or treating on Halloween night! Some crazy things go on when they go out tonight. Please leave a review and vote, I will respond to all of you! Happy Halloween!

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It's been almost a week since we uploaded our Halloween cartoons. And I still haven't figured out why people didn't like them. For the most part at least.

I realized with mine the concept or story was odd, had no flow, or resolution.
And although I don't know for sure about yours, that might be the same for you. Because, I mean, it was just what happened to them on Halloween. No real story structure, I guess we'll really have to work harder on our scripts from now on.

Aside from that, the ONLY things I could think of for improving this, is to cut the pauses out. You still had a few pauses here and there between lines. I only realize after watching it about a dozen times though (cuz I really wanted to figure out why it wasn't successful)

And the mouths. You said theyre off because off lag. That's not it. You had the mouths off a little bit. Just a hair though, and that really sucks because that something that coulda been easily fixed. ):

If you hate doing mouths so much though, and since you always keep the mouth in the same position all the time. You should really re-use mouths. Create a bunch of mouth movieclips and make them all the same size then it's way easier to do lip syncing.

That's really ALL I can think of to improve on this. Concept, lip syncing, pauses, and maybe adding more music and sound effects. But heck, this IS good it should of won a trophy. Stupid newgrounds. >.>


i loved how it turned out.and why does it such low rating?it deserves a bit more then that.Othe then rubins morning this is one of your best:Pkeep it up.

Cristo responds:

i dont know why it has such a low score!


love this cristos serie, and this flash deserves more score too :S, this was my second favourite halloween flash :D

Cristo responds:

awww sweet, thnks man!

Nice Effects, entertaining little flash movie

Well, you certainly know how to use the blur effect in Flash. Those were some really nice effects there, buddy. Good luck for the contest, brah ;)

Cristo responds:

thanks for watching and liking it!

Funny moments, but needs a little work

The audio doesn't always match up with the mouth movements. But all-in-all a funny short story with a nice ending lol.

Cristo responds:

thats mostly because of lag, srry