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Sonic beat up sandbag

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Hey guys !...

So here is my first completed flash ! Constructive criticism are welcome !...

Go easy with me !

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Tsk tsk...

This animation is a waste and does not belong on Newgrounds. You're clearly not supposed to upload something like this to Newgrounds, this could have stayed at Spritas and maybe even to Youtube, but work that goes to Newgrounds is not taken lightly as you can see from the previous reviews of other users.

I also suggest you trying to use Sandbag even it it is 'overused', because you just also used the most overused sprite in the entire world. Sonic? Really? You used Sonic but not Sandbag, and decided to substitute it with a green circle. First off, you're also cheating out on the animating that you would have done with a Sandbag, or even a random character, the circle doesn't have any hurt animations, it's just a circle.

Another thing to add, Newgrounds is not the place to upload your tests. I'm sure you won't do it again.

FrSpriterMan responds:

I understood patt

err... Constructive Criticisim?!

The sprites were fluid, i'll give you that, but the sandbag? The sandbag is just tipping over the scales of abysmal. First off, I wouldn't mind if it was a small part of the story. The sandbag was nearly HALF of the animation ! Second, You got to put text and got to make a circle, but no OVAL? Come on! Even a 3 year old can do better than your "sandbag". And lastly, no one uses sprites anymore.

Pitiful, just pitiful..


Nice sandbag you cheap lazy shit.
Maybe actually use a sandbag sprite?

Besides that, this was pretty mediocre.

Constructive criticism?

Make something that isn't a sprite character beating up something with no other redeeming qualities. Also, the Spritas are shit.


not bad but it was kinda short :/