First Animation Practice

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Just my first animation I did for practice..hope to upload a REAL project very soon


More frames

When she breathes in add a frame or two to make it a little smoother. By the way did you single frame or double frame.

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BC00 responds:

I double framed...and thanx for the feed!

Bad but shows potential.

You need more intermediary frames to make the transition from one pose to another smoother. You could also attempt to make the lines smoother, less sketchy. Other than that, I kinda like it.

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BC00 responds:

Thank you for the feed back XD

Not bad

For a first animation, it wasn't bad. I do wish you had done a little more with this one thing to show a bit more, because you only had her eyes move for most of it, and that's not showing of much of your skill. So other than that I wish you luck and hope you put great effort into what you want to make :D

BC00 responds:

Thank you XD

If this is really your first

It looks really good, but upload a full project next time and your submissions won't get blammed. 9/10 for the quality of animation, 1/5 because, well, yea.

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Oct 29, 2011
9:19 AM EDT