The Language of Love

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The idea behind the storyline came to me whilst attempting to navigate my way through the Hatfield Gautrain Station. I noticed a couple separated by the barrier; one on the platform, the other standing by the ticket dispenser. Over the course of the train ride, I mulled over the idea, and began to flesh it out.

Drama, it was decided, was to be the focal point of the animation. Some silly scenes were to be included, so as to create a more relaxed setting, but the whole point of the animation was to invoke an emotional response. The animation would include a grand finale, something that the viewer would never have expected. It was to be a complete 180 from the first few scenes.

The actual characters themselves remain anonymous, with no expression or detail, allowing the viewer to easily relate to them. Simplistic animations were used, leaving little to the viewers imagination, driving them forward in the direction of the story. After all, it is the story that brings life to the animation.

The experience as a whole was enjoyable, and a lot was learned throughout the ordeal. The ever changing concept started to become a reality, and as the deadline drew nearer, the animation started coming to a close. In the end this small clip was the result. Enjoy.



It certainly contains more of a story line then other flash movies i have witnessed.

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2.02 / 5.00

Oct 28, 2011
6:31 AM EDT