Stranded on a island

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This was a fun project to work on. I am a bit new to the flash world and will definitely be staying here a bit longer.



for being new to flash, i am impressed by this. funny ending!

i understand you are new, though i would like to throw out suggestions for the future. i would suggest a more detailed environment. the sun looked a bit shoddy, although the shadow of the tree was a nice touch. the ebb and flow of the ocean is spot on.

the facial expressions convey his feelings well. i can definitely see he is angry, although some sound effects to further convey this helps.

i was amused by this flash, and the music was delightful. i wish you luck in your future endeavors and hope to see more. cheers!

One of the better ones I've seen today

I liked the whole idea, and the drawing was very good. The only thing I can think to suggest you could improve on is to spend more frames on the splashes? if you draw fbf for about 5 frames it would look a lot more convincing. But besides that I think it was very good for someone who's new to flash :)

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2.52 / 5.00

Oct 28, 2011
6:10 AM EDT
Comedy - Original