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Missing A Moment

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This movie that I made for my Multimedia module project is the very first Flash movie that I have made.
I loved the experience, but (wow) it was a lot of hard work. I must be honest in saying that procrastination
got the best of me, so the end product is not entirely what I had planned in the beginning. Making this animation
showed me that the practicality of design HAS to be incorporated in your planning and your script. Things that I
thought would be interesting to add to my storyline ended up being impossible to draw and animate (especially
since this is my first time). The specs for the project gave us free range on the plot, style and design of the
animation, which in itself is both a blessing and a curse. So at first I had plenty of ideas, and then when
it came down to translating those ideas into an actual plot, I suddenly had no ideas left. Choosing a story was
quite challenging, especially since I didn't want to create something that I would get bored of halfway through
the creation process.

I ended up sticking to the story of boy meets girl, with a sad, kind of abstracted twist. It's meant to make one
hink about how we spend each day, and whether we allow ourselves, by having a bad/off day, to miss
opportunities and chances that may not present themselves again. (It's quite a scary thought.) Visually it's
very elementary, but the thought behind the story is what matters most. Enjoy watching the fruits of my labour!

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Pretty good

Pretty simple but with a nice message. I enjoyed the overall aspects of this submission and it's fairly delightful. I think the two characters could use a little more detail if you are going to make the backgrounds simple; you know a little more shading although you can leave their legs arms simple if you wish. It seems some of the characters' faces near their mouths aren't filled in the last scene but that's minor. I think if you are going to do a flash as sweet as this, it would be best if you use fonts that are less blocky than the one you used; something more curved or make each letter custom. I really liked the choice of music; it was simple and lovely. Overall it was pretty good. Nice work!


The whole concept with the message makes it a great story and the music makes it even beter.