The Black Cat

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An adaption of Edgar Allan Poe's classic short story.
Please watch when in a very depressed mood. It'll make you feel alot better. I'm lying. You probably shouldn't. But then again it's a Newgrounds animation so you should be able to deal with it. I'm talking to you, one reader who's reading this out of the probable 500 people that will see it. Man I wish i could get frontpage. But hey, whatchagonnadoright? I knew a guy that got frontpage once, but he let it go to his head. Next thing I knew he was killing cats and shit. Fucked up stuff man. I guess I don't really want it then. But that's like being those people who "Dont wanna win the lottery, cause it'll change them". Honestly, shut the hell up. You wanna win, but you know you never will cause you have like a one in a gabigillion chance of winning. Doesnt stop people from doing it though does it. The lottery man. Thats some messed up shit. But hey whatever floats your boat. All I'm saying is that if I break the 500 viewer barrier that'd be swell. Hell lets aim for 1000. Why the fuck not right? Am I right one reader thats made it this far? I feel like you and I really connect now. You've been reading this far, and thats more than anyone else can say. Then in a few years you'll remember, hey, who was that guy with the really long description that I read? He and I really clicked. Ah that's right it's Mr Watson. I should phone him up and have a beer with him, for old times sake. Ahhh the good old days, you'll think to yourself. Nostalgia man. Works wonders.
Anyways, watch the Black Cat if you'd like.



I liked it, but I think I would've liked to see more detailed art. And I think it would've been a tad better if it were longer. Maybe that's just me. It's probably a smoother animation than I could have done. Overall, nice job. I'm a big fan of Poe's work :3


I didn't really like the art. It's the only flaw. Practice, or use your own style in teh future.

MrWatson responds:

And who's style did I use this time?

nice job

As a big fan of poe, I really enjoyed this.
Happy Halloween

not bad.

The plot sorta reminded me of pet cemetary by steven king. This was very creepy but intertaining. ^^

MrWatson responds:

I can see that. If you read the story it's also reaally similar to Poe's Tell-Tale Heart as well.


I enjoyed this flash, I really was not expecting any of it, so it worked well for me :D Also, I clicked with you man :P perhaps one day we shall both have a beer! :D I've been struggling to make it to the front page for a year you can say.. until i realized... I was rushing my work just to see how they fair... these days I see myself working more and caring more about my art than the viewer's ratings! I am growing as an animator, and is all that really matters to me now, because i enjoy it :D. Good luck mate, and may we see our works feature soon :D

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MrWatson responds:

Thanks! Good luck to you too

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Oct 27, 2011
2:13 AM EDT