Epic sax girl

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good art, bad flash work (sound and looping).

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Awesome kick ass music with a combo of a fine girl


if you restart the loop 1 bar in you get a snazzy remix, nice art, but a lot more effort could have made this a lot better, the looping is annoying


my friend though it was a porin cuz he thought it sead sex and he sead man your going to get in truble and i sead why and he sead you about to wach a porin LOL

sebastianalex responds:

lollll :))

Impressive though you have to work on it

Well this loop isn't your regular type of loop, it showed some originality, though sadly the animation wasn't to say the least the worse nor is it the best. It looks as if you made it very stale. The fingers do not look as if they were playing naturally, you have to put in some in-betweens to smooth it out a bit. Though something that impressed me was the art, it was very unique and I like the shade you gave it.

As for the loop, you messed it up. After a while the loop will return to the preloader with the music still playing that is an issue that you will have to fix.

The music was very beautiful and fitting, it faded in and out very good job.

Overall I'd have to say that your main flaws were in the animation, though it is an experiment. Another flaw is the looping process anyways this was very good overall and you are very talented. Keep up the good work!

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sebastianalex responds:

yes, sorry , I wanted to make' it better and longer but my computer is crap, I finished this animation in coupe of hours but it took me ages to just copy after that some frames and save it :(, flash uses a LOT of memoy I don't know how, after severar drawing my computer is slow and when I draw a line I need 4 seconds to wait to load and like 3 sec if I hit Ctrl+z to undo :( ...tnx for taking your rime to review :)

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1.03 / 5.00

Oct 24, 2011
4:39 PM EDT