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Light Fright 2

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Silver 10 Points

Survive for 100 seconds.

Gold 25 Points

Survive for a whopping two hundred seconds!

Platinum 50 Points

Survive for 5 whole minutes!

Secret Medal ????? Points

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Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

Hello, Newgrounds!

The file is a little big and the preloader behaves a little oddly, but please, be patient. Shouldn't have to wait too long if you've got decent Internet.

Well, here it is: the sequel to the pretty popular Light Fright I released last Halloween. I've spent hours and hours tearfully working through pages and pages of criticism, done plenty of tests, asked friends for advice... and I dare say it's much better than the original!

Instructions are in the game but for those of you who are somehow allergic to the in-game font, you control the little ghost by clicking; he'll move where you click. Touching the bars of light (they're yellow, you can't miss 'em) will decrease your health as well as the ghost's size, while not being hit will increase both (until your health is back to undamaged). You may encounter three kinds of candy; green will increase the ghost's size, blue will decrease it and red will give you a shield.

You can pick from two tunes, various cool (and gaudy) backgrounds (of which one can be unlocked by clearing the Silver, Gold or Platinum medals) and I did my best to generally make the game as pretty as I could. Oh, and talking about Medals, there's a few for you to unlock - can you get them all?

Big thanks to several of my contacts for testing and helping out with various elements.

Oh, and if you find any glitches or other problems, be sure to tell me and I'll try to fix them within the hour.
Oh, and before you scream about the Medals not being visible here and not worth any points... no worries. Someone of the Newgrounds staff has to approve them first, then you'll get the points.

EDIT: Hmm, I added the right tags and logo, but this hasn't been acknowledged as a Halloween submission yet. Anyone care to help out by sending it to the right collection? I'll just throw the tags here, too...

halloween halloween2011

Oh, and check out the Halloween collection: http://www.newgrounds.com /collection/halloween2011 .html

(The logo in-game also links to this page.)

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Much better than the prequel and (obviously) provides for a very enjoyable experience.

The new features are great, especially the way to play (moving around instead of closing eyes). It also punishes the lazy, "turtly" ones and favors agressive play, since being small is the only way to dodge lightrays later on - thus forcing the player to constant move around and graze the lights, risking a game over, in order to mantain smaller size to avoid a 100% chance of a game over later on.

Definitely a good time waster, could use a highscore table too.