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Mario Goes on a bounty

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I tried to get something a little out of my reach.. but here's a basic rundown of the flash (spoilers lol)
Mario starts off running and jumps over a spiny turtle.
Then he sees a hammerbro and the hammerbro throws a hammer at him as he's trying to jump over the hammerbro and the hammer hits him in the face. He falls down and jumps up and kicks the hammerbro in the face and runs inside of a castle. In hindsight I probably should've added that castle.
He then sees the guy he needs to kill and jumps up to kill him but it's really just a hologram which flickers and disappears. As Mario is falling Slender Man kicks him back up into the air, swats him down and skewers him midfall and then pummels him into the ground before starting to walk away.
I made the sounds and music myself. I shouldn't have made scenes as the first scene needed to be 30 fps and the 2nd with Slender Man needed to be 20 fps but I didn't know how to combine the two files so I just made scenes and copy and pasted the frames over. The sound is messed up during the first playthrough thanks to the scenes..
The Slender Man was largely inspired by this picture.
http://img-cache.cdn.gaia online.com/2b157618e411a8 54f6f6ab9533f09017/http:/
/i187.photobucket.com/alb ums/x20/namine0611/The_Sl ender_Man_by_Beezelballoc ks-1.jpg

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i dont know how but ive seen worse

SLENDY!i knew it!

Maybe I'm just being easy on you

This seems to be your first flash. I know flash is a mega hard program to draw in but if you take your time and develop a easy to follow story, people will enjoy your work more. :)


it has nothing to do with a bounty the drawings at the end were weird and made no sense and then the music just comes out of no where


sound is terrible and drawings are just plain bad

Credits & Info

Waiting for 1 more votes

Oct 22, 2011
10:53 PM EDT