Ajin: The Hole

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Author Comments

Hey, hope you like it! It's been on my site for a while and I thought I would put it up here. I'm finishing up the sequel (still) and I'll put that up here too when I'm done. Thanks for voting!

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I'm so in love with how casually they talk, and then something happen and they just "snap".
Most of your videos are like that, it feels so much more "organic", alive.

love your stuff :)
hope to see more new vids

It's unexpected yet marvelous to see you submitting here again!

I remember seeing this and many other cartoons on your site and was wondering when you going to release them here. Truth is, your brand of creativity was sorely missed here. Here's my review...

Graphics: I always looked up to your unique style, and most of the graphics were well done although the line work looked rough. The backgrounds could have used some finer lines as a means to make the characters stand out more. Plus, while the animation was good considering that it was probably rotoscoped, Shuurpsuur's arms while he was investigating the portal were too short. Keep that in mind when you do any more of these.
Audio: While there wasn't any music (not that this needed it), the voice acting and sound effects were excellent. Nothing else to comment on here.
Content: I thought that this was pretty funny and well-written. Looks like that you have the ears for dialogue, as well as the eye of a director. It's surprising that not many people on here recognize you, but I bet if you submit the rest of your stuff on here; You'll get the name recognition that you deserve. With that being said, there are two more issues that I would like to discuss. One, while this was funny, it tended to drag at times. Two, the conversation between Shuurpsuur and Agrikaow could have be elaborated on. However, that doesn't warrant a lower score. Plus, I am really appreciative of the small filesize this has. Just how did you manage to keep something like this from going over a megabyte is elusive to many people.

What I do like:
-Well written and directed.
-Good voice acting and sound.

What I don't like:
-Could have used cleaner linework
-The conversation at the beginning could have been elaborated on.
-Not everyone will like the rotoscoped look.
-Shuurpsuur's arms were too short in one scene.

Overall: While this does have it's quirks, that doesn't warrant a lower score. Here's a ten from me. (5/5)

are they dead? how can a reaper feel crispy? and what were they talking about at the table?

to many questions...

I love it

I remember watching this on your site a loong time ago. It's amazing. I love all of your movie's ambients and your characters are always interesting to watch. I hope you are still making it's sequel!

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4.51 / 5.00

Oct 22, 2011
7:12 PM EDT