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Sonic X-pals

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Author Comments

With a battle in space and your loosing. Its time to do anything to win or die trying. With the Blue typhoon engines disabled and the enemy at the ready to kill. Tails discovers a weak spot and exploits it.

Made with a time limit so I couldn't fix the the small problems like the eyes fluxing and of course the sloppy art. Animated on Toon Boom, sounds on Adobe premiere and converted over to Flash. Make the best of it and try to enjoy.

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Good work on this


kalabor106 responds:

Could be worse, A stunt double with a red shirt.

you made a chris super cannon XD

That was funny

Wow I couldn't help but just imagine the Sonic power cannon being used like that. Ah That was a laugh! XD Keep on making these great animations.

kalabor106 responds:

Yeah using your best friend as a bullet/artillery piece never made much sense. Thought it was odd.

Very Funny and surprisingly not too random.

I was expecting just a bunch of randomness and poop jokes with funny animation, but this one had a funny plot as well. I always thought it was rather odd that they used Sonic as a missile as well. The puppet, and chris being shot at the end were by far my favorite parts. You make some funny animations keep up the good work.

kalabor106 responds:

I'll try and do better. Thanks for the encouragement.