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It has been a long time since my last submission. Hope you guys like it~ :)

Sorry for the cliff hanger... Vol 2 will have an action packed showdown~

EDIT 10/22: Front page, nioce~ :D

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I really,really liked this one. I just like this animation's style. It's almost personal,and rather unexplainable,but I can say I loved it.

Let me start off with the music: The music during the chase scene wasn't the best, but it was fast-paced and got the job done--not bad. The music played during the credits, however, I really liked. I mean, /really/ liked lol good selection. The animation was fairly well done, I liked the brown/black sky at the beginning and for reason take a particular fancy to the way the bullets were shot. The animation COULD have been smoother in some small areas but had overall good quality!!

So awesome!

Quasimodoxxx responds:


This was VERY well done, The stunt's and character animation's, ALONG with the bit of gun on a string was ingenious! What you could have done better however, Gradient's were killing me, Should have packed some more color into this with out gradients. And there was a bit too much "Preset Shapes" as in some of the animations looked like they were made with pure circles, etc. And maybe some more sound effect's too. Just pack more detail, Color, and Background and this would be perfect! 9.5/10!

Quasimodoxxx responds:

Yes. Too much gradient... sorry... :P

There are already many great reviews out there about this and part 2 is already out so no need to re-tell what everyone tells you.
But just one question : for the main chara, did you get a little bit inspired by Godot from Ace Attorney 3 : Trials and Tribulations, or not at all? (or did you play the game? if not, just look for Godot or 'Diego Armando Ace Attorney' you'll see they look like each other a bit :) )
Anyway, ... NO PRICE?
Are you FREAKING kidding me?
This never got ANY price or frontpage?
It may have no basic story for the moment and all, and is not "funny" like most NG animations, but it's AMAZING, and I personally loved the Universe and also that gun gadget very interesting and pretty awesome idea.
Freaking underrated again.
Hopefully you got part 2 frontpaged but only for a while, it's already gone!! --' And other stuff just stays there... Like OK Zone-tan's News are fun for a while and all but just because it's Zone-Sama no need to let him stay 3 weeks on the frontpage (just exagerating here) and take off stuff like Snapshot 2 (or not put Snapshot 1 simply) after only a couple of days.

Quasimodoxxx responds:

Thanks, Psyh. I am glad you like the animation. :-)

No... I have never played the Ace Attorney. I just googled "Godot", I kind of see the resemblance a bit, similar "all back" hair style with goatee... Well, I guess it's difficult to completely avoid looking like other characters...

Regarding to being frontpaged... For some odd reason, the front page wasn't updated correctly for few days since last Friday, so Vol. 2 only got front paged for like... a day... Anyway, I am not sure how frontpaged materials are determined... (views perhaps?) I was hoping for more exposure, but I don't know if there is anything else I can do... It's just bad luck I guess...

EDIT 1/21/2013, somehow the Vol. 2 got frontpaged again today~ :D

Oh, and Vol. 1 was frontpaged, just no award.