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MegaMan Tribute ep.2

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MegaMan Tribute ep.2

This is part 2 to the MegaMan Tribute series. If you're not sure of what i mean by MegaMan Tribute series is, i'm creating a new story based on all of the megaman and megamanX games. But that doesn't mean that i'm going with all of the story of the games. Remember i'm creating my own story for megaman, and remember this is a serious tribute if you're looking for humor this might not be for you. In this episode i'm letting you in on some of the plot.

So enjoy!

Thanx for letting me win 3rd place for daily feature with this movie.

Text and Mugshots updated.

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in this video is X and not Megaman!!!


the part with the time machine....toook so long i almost about too get really frustarted it. Just try to make it less forveer alright? but which i think better then the first one better graphic.Keep up with the good work

Not as good as the first...

As the person under me said, the time machine took too long, I'm gonna watch episode 3 now. Hopefully it is good.

To boring

There was no action and the time machine took to long.


i'm gonna have to say the same thing as Grossenschwaum. why were they just sitting there doing nothing anyway???