Yugioh - Dark World Ep 1

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This is the first episode and the ending repeats the episode and the sound gets messed up. If people like this, i'll make a new series with a well thought out plot, and better duels. ect.


Okay, for starters, it was just a background and showing characters for a majority of it. The way it was going seemed pretty good though. Also, if Yusei were to lose so easily, I don't think he would make such a poor mistake like leaving himself wide open for an attack AFTER Stardust Dragon was played and only having 2000 Life Points left. As I said though, I liked how the story was going, and even if the duel was kind of lame, I liked how you went about showing the duel. So for the stuff I liked about it, I'll give you 4.5 stars ^w^ Unfortunately, it looks like it's been too long for this to get another part though :/


Pretty nice. I think you should continue. It's not that much animated, but its really good through. I hope you'll upload another one soon^^

Get the second part Soon!!!

The fact of The Dark World Ruler : Jaden aka SUPREME KING playing like a master like as Ultimate Yugi when the ancient Pharaoh fuses and plays pro makes me excited and look for more detailed plot on the second Part. I wonder : Which are the names of the duelists that made company to Yusei prior to Supreme King Showdown?

Nice Music and nice drama !! Be sure to develop a well polished plot on part 2 blaster .


Yea i can understand this if your a fan but in all honesty this isn't a flash, the music dosent go with the semi dead plot, and there isnt any animation whatsoever. You can't even read the cards i did give it a 2 tho cus im nice and i liked the background...lol

blasterfx5 responds:

They can't read the cards, because it's based on people who already know what the cards do, and i feel the music fits pretty well. "I can't control myself, so what if you can see the darker side of me" Supreme king = Jaden when he loses control and goes evil. :/

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2.29 / 5.00

Oct 15, 2011
1:57 PM EDT