Belmont Ruined Halloween

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The whole idea here was to parody Castlevania in a way that blur the line between good and evil? what if the Belmont clan every hundred years crashed Dracula's birthday and killed him? Anyways I enjoyed making this flash and I hope you will enjoy it as well.

This is my first submission here on Newgrounds and my third flash I've ever made. I consider myself a beginner. So, I will take any constructive criticism you give in stride. I felt this animation has taught me a lot of dos and don'ts in flash. Expect some more animations from me soon.


was ok

It was good animation, the voice acting was ok....seemed a little short though.

UltimateIronfox responds:

Cool, I'll keep that in mind with my future projects! :D

funny as hell

but the voice acting could've been better. just a little more emotion into it but all in al you are a great comedian

UltimateIronfox responds:

Will do thanks for the advice! :)


I liked Dracula's birthday hat too. St. Hubbins is the patron saint of quality footwear, by the way.

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Very funny, hahaha the Dracula's Hat!!! NICE

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UltimateIronfox responds:

I wish I had a B-day hat like his!

Very good

The only thing I really have against it is the lack of sound effects when Belmont is attacking the children on Halloween. Like a whip-crack or, a whooshing when he uses the combat-cross. The cop's gun had the sound but there wasn't a blood-splatter squish either. Otherwise this was a great video!

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UltimateIronfox responds:

Thanks, I'll try a bit harder on the next flash to include more sound effects for the appropriate actions! Thanks for the advice :3

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3.32 / 5.00

Oct 15, 2011
1:02 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody