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Harold and Edna

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Author Comments

Finally, here is my second animation ever and entry for the Halloween Spookfest!

Meet Harold and Edna, an elderly couple living out their days at Musty Manor retirement home. Harold catches a few Z's while watching a scary movie.

Harold and Edna, Episode one - Castle Confusion

Please, feel free to leave suggestions and feedback! I'm still learning the ropes.


Good flash

The graphics here are pretty good. You have a very good drawing style and you even managed to draw old people. For some reason, no one manages to draw old people in a convincing style, but you did. So kudos for that. ;)
You also put in some nice details in the background, which makes the flash even more enjoyable.

The voice acting is all right. The voices are easy to understand and they sound "old" as well.

Storywise the flash is nice as well. Lately I've been listening to some audio dramas about the story of Dacula, so this flash fits in very well with what I have passed my free time as of late, heh. Nice coincidence.

Anyway, the animation could be a bit more fluent. Maybe you can achieve this by drawing some more frames to add to the animation.

{ Review Request Club }

ManNSmkyRoom responds:

Hey thanks a lot for the review. I hope to make my animation more fluent in the future. Practice, practice. Thanks for watching.

I lol'd :)

This animation was really different, but in a good way!

I really liked the story, and the vocals/ sound effects were actually recorded with rather good quality. The animation was good, but not the best; I really would have liked to see a bit more fluid motions during the "monster battle", and a few other parts. aside from that, I also really enjoyed the originality of the story... I did not expect that ending haha. :)

Things to take a second look at:
- Things could have been a bit more fluid animation-wise, but you're really on to something with this style
- The exchange of dialogue seemed like it could have moved a little faster (I felt like I spent just a little bit too long waiting to hear each characters lines to come out)

Overall you've got some talent, and I expect to see some amazing work from you in the near future :]

~Dj Sonik

-Review Request Club-

ManNSmkyRoom responds:

Well, thank you. Yes, I feel the dialogue moves a little slow in some parts too. I did that on purpose, but now watching it back, I think I may have spaced it out just a little much.

Ah, old love.

Alright, the way this one pans out is full of cliche, but I quite like it. Sure, the drawing style is a little hit and miss and the overall presentation could use a little tidying up in one or two key areas, but I think you're onto a winner here.

The love triangle being used with people over the age of 80 is an angle I've not seen used all that much, particularly in a horror setting and I'd like to see more of it, because you've not set up a few key parameters here for the viewer - are Harold and Edna related? Who was the third woman and why has Harold got a major crush on her?

I wasn't the biggest fan of the tiny teeth being used in huge mouths, as that just made me question the drawing style, plus I've never met anyone over the age of 45 that uses the phrase / acronym "FYI", so that might need to be ironed out of the script. Sure, this particular one is set on a horror background, but do they have other times and themes that you can exploit with them? I certainly hope so.

[Review Request Club]

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ManNSmkyRoom responds:

Thanks for watching, I hope to do more with these characters too.


Although it is not really my kind of humor it was still funny at least. Just two old people sitting with each other and the one goes on a mental adventure in his head where the monster is really just his wife. That would be kind of weird anyways. The animation remained simple yet good the whole time too so nice work there.

The music used here seem to be fitting for the whole animation so nice choice in what you chose for the music.

The animation was pretty nice and simple here and kind of just made you think of some other older yet simplistic looking animations as well. The castle was pretty nicely done too I think. Funny how he has two women at his house as opposed to just his wife.

The only real error in animation I seemed to notice was when it was zooming into his face the first time it looked like it skipped a few frames then continued on as if nothing had happened.

Overall, not too bad at all.

Review Request Club

ManNSmkyRoom responds:

Thanks for watching! Yeah, I'm not too sure why the camera skipped like that. As for the two women in his house. They all live at a nursing/retirement home.

Good times!

This was a lot of fun!

ManNSmkyRoom responds:

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it!

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Credits & Info

3.11 / 5.00

Oct 15, 2011
12:12 AM EDT
Comedy - Original