A Sad Day For Newgrounds

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I remember the days when I use to get over 800 views in less than one day for uploading a very dumb flash. I think newgrounds is becoming unpopularer because of sites like youtube but mostly minecraft maybe because a lot of people appreciate your work more in minecraft than your flash stuff in newgrounds, and you can't go to your friend's profile and type a comment to chat with him or her just like in Deviant Art. I hope my opinions will not offend you. I believe newgrounds will still be rich though because of China. I hope none of you are mad at this lol. This flash has the best loading screen I have made lol. I got sounds from partners in rhyme, youtube and other places. I got the voice from the boondocks. The music is from rose online, black mesa source, and sonic 2. They are called Rose Music - Eldeon, Black mesa Source Theme, and Sonic 2 Game Over Music. Thanks for watching. I

Thanks Scouttelite for the nice Scout photo

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It was a sad day for newgrounds.

I'm not really surprised.

Everybody is voting either 5 or 0 now and we're ending up with a lot of 2s and 3s. Nobody wants to be told their work is mediocre, so why not go to Youtube where the community doesn't get to kick your video off the site?

Don't throw your pearls before swine.

GregoryShitcock responds:

Yeah but it takes me about a few months in youtube to get a hundred views lol.

Pretty cool.

I agree. Newgrounds isn't the only site that seems to be declining though. My games are getting less plays on Kongregate too.

BTW, loved the TF2 pic and stick fighting on the loading screen.

i love newgrounds

Best loading screen ever son, seriously, never seen a cooler one.


i like the loading screen better then the actual movie.

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Oct 14, 2011
7:13 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody