Mario Battle Bros. ep 5.2

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2 Episodes in 1 day! Wow! New world record! (TO ME)
Not really, this is part 2 of episode 5... Sorry for the delay, just went to fix somethings
Anyways, enjoy! Mysterious hedgehog, by me.. Original sonic sprite... IDK...
If you think it's SMBZ rip-off or any other famous flash, just tell me the part and next time I won't do it again...
UPDATE With Tags lol


Nice battle sequeces. This might be a great idea for a future Mario vs. Sonic battle. Speaking of which, go out and make one!!

A little short this time... Perhaps next time that you split an epsode into two pieces, you will try to get them both about the same length? 5.1 was huge and this one seemed a lot shorter, by comparison.

Right, some of the same issues cropped up again, with some of the animations sequences seeming a little jerky and slightly out of sync with the sounds. Some of the sounds were too loud and they even seemed to have static from "topping out" my speakers here - that's an indication that things needed to be turned down slightly, to give a better impression.

Less text to read in this one meant that the flow was better, but that I suspect was more by luck than judgement. The blend of some voices and other text with the voice omitted just doesn't work for me - there are good voice actors out there, that would be able to supply you with Mario and Luigi impersonations, with varying degrees of success. See what you can find and run with it, trust me.

I'll still give it a shot and say that by and large, this is good. Converting some of the latent potential to actual plus points is where you need to focus your efforts for episode 6.

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SuperMarioFan9000 responds:

Cool, thanks! :D

Well the music used here was rather nice and I noticed Pompeii was also used, I recognize it from the Matrix trilogy too. One thing here I did not understand is why Mario was suddenly naked before fighting Shi once again who wears an Organization XIII cloak for some reason. Then I notice the Bullies taken out by another hedgehog character so I guess there are thirteen of them that they have to contend and battle with.

The sprites are alright but again, the Shi sprite could use less spikes.

I noticed during this episode the text boxes did not have any text running out of them or under them which is good to see this time. Story advances along too so good work there.

Overall, just advancing the story, some good music.

Review Request Club

SuperMarioFan9000 responds:

Well, well, well. Another comment of proper judging.. (Well hehe, it's because I saw your comment on episode 6.1 before this.. Hehe XD lol)
The details about Shi and other such, are already told when I replied to your review on 6.1.
Once again, thank you! :3


i love it. youre animating is improved. my one complaint is the grammer, although i dont blame you for that.

SuperMarioFan9000 responds:

thanks man..
I am amazed that your still here.
I thought that you are leaving
(Because we haven't chat in days or months)

Rip-off what rip-off?

To my knowledge your episode is original sure your using Mechasonic but who cares? You changed the name just need to give him different or more unique attacks. Besides the maker hasn't posted another smbz in years.

SuperMarioFan9000 responds:

Thanks for appreciating that, but just to make sure that other people think if it's SMBZ or any other famous flash rip-off they must tell me what part and I'll not do that again...
It's just their opinion but thanks.

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Oct 14, 2011
11:44 AM EDT