Flash Tutorial: Animation

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http://www.youtube.com/us er/AnimationTutorialzzz?f eature=mhee
http://www.youtube.com/us e

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nope >.>

the music loop is definitely annoying. like everyone else except for that one guy that was amazed says, this kind of stuff is not newgrounds material. games, animations, audio, art, all of those are acceptable. you just uploaded a video that made me turn off the speakers wile writing this review..... just...... nope.

Newgrounds =/= Youtube

The music loop was grating (and didn't loop properly), the quality on the video was so low I couldn't tell what you were doing when you right clicked, there's no voiceover explaining what you're doing, the tutorial's content is so basic that anyone with a day's experience in Flash should know how to do it and, most importantly, this is not youtube. Newgrounds is for Flash. Youtube is for videos. When you put videos on Newgrounds, they look like whale ass.

Its nice

Just keep this on youtube, the quality on flash just sucks.

FrankTheTank12793 responds:

its because i tried converting it to swf...never again lol


This is awesome.
What Flash is this?

Tutorials are meant to teach something.

Lemme guess: You came from Youtube and it's your first day on Newgrounds, right? ...Yup.

I could tell before looking at your profile, because you made all the mistakes that youtube people make.

You haven't spent enough time here on Newgrounds yet, because you haven't realized that we don't like youtube around here. We're not happy when someone comes here and starts spouting off about their youtube account or subscribing or their youtube buddies or whatever. If you do that you'll be unpopular right away.

Why? Because a lot of crap comes over here from Youtube. Unfortunately, your submission does little to change our opinions.

Although most things from Youtube end up being video instead of animation, this is kind of both of them. It's a video of someone animating. Slowly, with lots of re-draws, to a repetitive music loop. This doesn't teach anything, so it's not a tutorial. It has no plot, so it's not a story. It's not a game, so it gains you nothing there, either.

Before you submit anything else, I suggest you hang out here for a while and learn about what's cool and not cool around here. Newgrounds is for animation, not videos. However, even the animation needs to have SOME merit to it. Don't submit crap or you'll fill your account with either blams or crap, neither of which are good.

Newgrounds + animations = :D
Youtube + well, anything = >:(

Welcome to Newgrounds. Please think before you submit.


FrankTheTank12793 responds:

Thanks for that, and good point.

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Oct 11, 2011
8:34 PM EDT