A Goomba's life Ep 3

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One early morning while Yoshi & Robbie are sleep. A Koopa is Robbed outside of the house. When Robbie goes and check to see what's the problem is. A Mysterious Opossum in a Rocket suit appears and claims that he is the new Hero of the mushroom kingdom.

Author Notes:
This episode took way to long to create. With stress problems in the army and drama going on moving back to the states then my flash movie crashed. I dealt with a lot to finally produce this episode. I hope you all enjoy it with the countless hours i put into this movie with brand new backgrounds and some new material.

Vote 5 and fairly please that's all i ask.
I will update the flash if there are any errors discovered

Edit: I will be taking some breaks with main episodes you'll be seeing plenty of short episodes coming soon.

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I love this series!

The animation is very well done and the jokes are quite funny, especially with Sparkstar crashing xD

lol sparkle always crashes

DemonicDragon93 responds:

You mean Sparkster. But he's one of my fav Konami hero's. I wanted to Give him the rookie level. more funny that way

Pretty much the same problems as the last two movies. I left a more detailed review on episode 2. From the time the two main characters go to the castle and on the movie was zoomed out more appropriately. I think you should keep around that far zoomed out for all of the movie so i don't feel so close. The story seems to progress really slowly. Dialogue drags on and really should be cut more. Writing and voice acting is average. The background animations should be lower. The bushes are having really distracting seizures that should be slowed up.

Not too shabby

I really enjoyed the sprite animation here, very fluid and nice looking. :)
The menus, The navigation, and overall layout of this flash also looked wonderful.
I also really enjoyed hearing the different spectrum of voices used for each character. Generally speaking, this flash animation was pretty flawless.

Things to take a second look at:
- Some of the dialog was rather bland, and I didn't find much of the humor to be very great :(
- The story was a tad confusing, but maybe that's just me (I haven't seen the rest of the series after all)

Overall; pretty great effort, but could use some polishing up imo

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Well done

Well this is another solid piece I think. Very slight things that would annoy some people but they are not noticeable really. I would just move the black bar at the bottom of the screen down one or two pixels is all so you don't see part of the land underneath it.

The voice acting here was solid and I like the use of filters for the robots as well making it nice. Good to see some other characters made it into this one as well. The voices were very solid I see so kudos on getting those voice actors in on this one.

As far as the animation goes I did not really see anything custom aside from Robbie's face getting a bit of a burn on it is all, not too bad for custom spriting.

Overall, nicely put together part three I think.

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3.58 / 5.00

Oct 10, 2011
2:32 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody