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MLP Friendship Is Tragic1

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Edit: just to declare, I'm a fan of the show with a very immature sense of humour. Sue me (I'd prefer it if you didn't though).

HEY, before you vote 0, listen up: the next two flashes I've submitted are a parody and are making fun at the fanbase as well as the show. I'd hope most people watching can take it into good humour - the "haters" of the show get to laugh at the fans and the fans get to laugh at what's going altogether. I did make these parodies for both the fans and those that just don't care for My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.

Also I think I've improved quite a bit on my animation and flash drawings, so yeah, sort of pleased with this one. I split the flash into two parts because the .fla was at such a huge filesize (I don't even know how but go with me on this one) that I struggled to open it up in flash.

Anyway, if you love or hate the show, I hope you get a kick out of these parodies. This part does make fun of the fanbase. I'll try to respond to all reviews.

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oh dear

I love rainbow dash and vinyl scratch

Umm... What?

I don't even understand what was supposed to have happened

I am so lost.....

what am i watching damnit tell me!

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3.54 / 5.00

Oct 9, 2011
6:08 AM EDT