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Genesis (Game Trailer)

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Author Comments

Thank you liljim for lifting the upload limit!

Sorry the sound quality is a little low. Im working to get it fixed right now.

Some quick notes:
Hello and thank you for taking the time to view our trailer for our upcoming game Genesis. We currently have a completely functional game engine and it will sport 3D graphics. We are currently working to raise the money to develop 4 Genesis games. Believe it or not indie developers do not make alot of money and with your support you can help bring this project to light. After the games initial success we hope to bring this game to consoles with upgraded graphics and gameplay. Please check out our kickstarter page and share it with your friends.

http://www.kickstarter.co m/projects/1214305480/gen esis-a-game-where-you-can -manipulate-time?ref=rece ntly_launched

Also here is our youtube link.
http://www.youtube.com/wa tch?v=9wvwZujNDfQ

Do not worry though. Pledging is not something that is done with no benefit to you. There are various rewards for your pledges. Take a look to find out what you can get. If you like the project feel free to make a pledge or just tell a friend about it. We really need a community of fans and with your help we know we can achieve our goal. And remember any little bit helps.

About the game:
Genesis fallows the story of Damien. A man who's life is shattered when the love of his life is kidnapped only to never be seen again. Due to his loss and the immense guilt he feels, he buries himself into his work and obsessively works day in and day out on a project that he feels will change the world for the better. Genesis, designed as a type of super soldier serum is looking to go through another 15-20 years of testing before even being considered for human trials. Damien, confident in his work and feeling he has nothing to lose, decides to speed things up by testing it on himself. Little does he know that his actions will change the fate of the world indefinitely. Once injected with the virus Damien gains the ability to manipulate time. Still having no control over the ability he is thrown randomly through various time periods and forced to use his new found power to solve problems from the past, present and future. But as he embraces his power he hatches a plan to save the one person who can make his life complete again. Little does he know that the story is much deeper then he ever imagined and the virus he created to save the world will intern destroy it.

Author- Matt Vile (Uknownxl)
Artist For Trailer- Francis Caron
Audio- Alex Shch (Mime)

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Promising Trailer

First of all, you are right about the sound quality (a bit low), but I have to say that the voiceactor did a good job (for example when he said "time is on my side" he used a very subtle nuance in his tone).

Your visual artist used rather unusual techniques for the graphics, I personally like that style, an original way of drawing which I haven't seen in this quality before.

Since this is "just" a trailer I can't make a final judgement on the story, what I hear so far sounds interesting. Some elements (Virus Outbreak, Timetravel) are a bit overused in the movies, but that's no reason why you can't give this storyline a unique touch!
I really, really hope you can put the different storypieces together and create a imaginary world of its own - as far as I see it you got the talent to do so.

Good luck with the project, for what I can see so far this is going to be something I would like to watch :-)

Looks good

But I sort of remember playing a game like this before.

As for the name, how about Flux Redemption?

Can't wait for the game or some sort of a demo to come out. And some gameplay video would have been nice.

UknownXL responds:

It may have been my previous Genesis game lol. But yeah Flux Redemption is a good title. Would love to hear more on the reason for the choice.

Seems interesting.

Time travel and paradoxes are hard things to work with, but I think you can pull it off. Indie games are the best because their artists put so much work into it, and I hope you do the same.
-Story - I was happy that this didn't seem to be the old recycled stories that you see nowadays, that you put work into this. The character seems interesting, and so does the setting. I like the fact you eluded to the fact you'll have to hide to not create time paradoxes, that seems like an interesting piece of gameplay that everyone forgets and combines the perfect action and sneak game. The fact that a single person can control time without an outside influence is odd, but can be overlooked.
-Gameplay - Not quite so happy with the fact that you haven't given us any gameplay footage. I can't really judge how far you are or what it will look like without anything to look at.
Lastly, I will suggest changing the name. Its just, too overused, you think of giant explored planets and other random fantasy stuff with the word Genesis... And the name doesn't quite fit the game.
Its a great idea though, would much prefer seeing it in action. Sry cant donate, not allowed to use my money ]:<

UknownXL responds:

Thanks for the feedback. It looks like you have done your homework and read over a lot of the information I have. I thank you for that. Currently we just have some sample game play stuff, but I do not want to reveal it in its unfinished form. Ive heard from alot of people that I should change the name and I think im going to take in that advice. Ive started to think about other names and am completely open to suggestions.

Sounds good.

He's a time traveling zombie.
Bad ass.

UknownXL responds:

lol. You wish haha.

cool..but dude get the mic out of mouth

lol couldnt understand you half the time just saying...

UknownXL responds:

Sorry its not really the voice actors fault. I had to convert the file so it would work in flash. Not to mention audio compression effected the quality. Im doing my best to fix it. Ive also attached subtitles so hopefully it helps.