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This is my second stickfigure fight scene. My first was a commercial that I am still deciding whether or not to upload it to Newgrounds. My inspirations are Terkoiz and Hyun (FlyingPanda1990) but I give a special thanks to Hyun, because his animations made me believe that I could give it a try as well.

I hope you guys enjoy the first part of my flash animation. (There are two parts.)



Few action,and the main character kill for nothing!

It's okay... but to short

Yeah, it isn't the *best* but it is not the worst. Could of made it a bit longer and not really killed the music when the other guy came. Should of put like a... silly kinda confused moment music there.

But try to make your flashes a bit longer than 30sec :3 also more kung fu sounds to :D we all like screaming kung fu sounds and don't say you don't... that would be as bad as the cake.

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.........stupid movie.

Kammce responds:

You are totally right. And I can totally trust your judgement based on your merit as an animator. You have done a total of zero submission that have scored null/5 for each one. Congrats. And your colloquialism just goes to show how intelligent you are and how much effort you have put into this review. I am sure you have taken your good time to actually come up with a great constructive criticism, but felt that just saying "stupid movie" would be sufficiant because you have done so many flash animations and you have gained so many experience from rating/commenting on other videos that your judgement of a 2 is totally valid.

Thank you for your time.

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2.71 / 5.00

Oct 7, 2011
7:42 PM EDT