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Pokemon Games Review

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We're going to test the waters here with a Pokemon review. Probably not the best kind of video to leave on New Grounds, but I'm just gonna throw this out here. If people like it, I'll submit more here. If not, then oh well, my candle shed a dim and brief light.

Personal Opinion on this:

The animation in general is lazy and it's not in color. This is I was a lazy bastard when I made this for time about two years ago. I used Flash Professional 8 on this. Also at the time I didn't learn about the magic setting that syncs the sound with the time line, all the voices and sounds are set on event. So on a slow PC they will fall out of sync with the actions on the video.

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good but wierd

i still play pokemon im 21 i like those games there awesome i have pokemon black on my game i have zekrom and reshiram my reshiram is a LV 56 and my zekrom is a LV 56 i have a mewtwo LV 100 its true

not bad man

I gives you a 5, animation doesn't make a good movie. Content does, and you sir have content, and good content at that.


Honestly i normally give a worse rating for lazy graphics, but they kind of worked for the video so they were not just not thought about instead you seem to have just not worked very hard on actually drawing them. that and i recently had a lot of work to day that i shirked most off it off so i understand. that said there must be a point reduction. other than the graphics i thought the video was very fair and entertaining. it was funny and informative so if your future videos will continue to be this entertaining with just enough randomness to not get really annoying then keep up the good work. i would also like to note once again that i liked the way the scenes actually changed and fit the dialogue the only problem was the quality, but i did like the fact that it was drawn and this is just me but i would rather have that drawing than pixels, which is strange considering it is normally the opposite with me.

Thanks for making me feel better :)

Your animation is kinda like mind :) thats y it make me feel better i don't want this to get blamed ;) so keep up the good work :)

Credits & Info

4.75 / 5.00

Oct 6, 2011
7:44 PM EDT