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Goofy Talking Face

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Got bored, decided to mess with my mic settings. When I tested them I was still bored so I thought I'd see if i could add animation to it in my new flash program!

Sorry it loops, I can't figure out how to stop that. Just right-click and deselect the "loop" option.

EDIT: Re-uploaded. Added a preloader and a 'stop' command so it won't do that irritating looping anymore.

Behold! My first EVER animation!!! Marvel at my cleverness!!!!


Made with Adobe Flash CS3 Pro and Audacity.

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Stop Command

Much better than my first animation ever....

To stop the animation, make a keyframe at your very last frame and in your "actions" type stop();

Creator-Sama responds:

lol thanks.

Ooh! code! Something new for me to learn!! -steals it and runs off-

Very Amusing!!

As far as you first-ever Flash Animation, this is pretty damn good. At the very least, it's much, much better than what I normally see around these parts. The lip-synching is great, and the expressions are hilarious. I look forward to other things you'll do in the future.

Creator-Sama responds:

Thanks! Big praise for lil' ol' me. I feel special now! ^_^