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Oxob vs Fox & Q

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My 5th RHG battle wich I also used as my entry for the 4-Day competition over at Fluidanims.com. Obviusly, I lost that comp.

Kidkei was supose to make an anim too but life kept him busy. I don't know if he is gonna make a counter-anim later on though.


[Edit] Whoa! Daily feature?! Thanx alot Newgrounds!

[Edit2] Maybe I should explain the powers of the characters for the people who dont know.

Oxob: Strength, Power-concentrating steelhands.

Fox: Flash-step (Teleportation for short distances)
Q: Shapeshifting to any object. Indestructable. Seeks refuge inside Fox's body.

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i luuuv stick fights

Man, this was pretty awesome. I love how the fighters are animated!

did fox die?

Fox reminds me of SoulEater o.0

fox got totally owned the explosion must have killed him