Goku vs Drew

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As you can see, I have improved a little since my last sprite videos. If not... then f*ck you. I do not own the Goku or Drew sprites. This is just a test to see how well I can sprite now. Plz no flames. Only constructive criticism. If you give me a low rating, you have to give me a valid reason why. Thank you for watching and rating.

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Preloader and some creativity

I agree with SS4FlameAlchemist that the first missing aspect on the flash is the preloader .

The preloader gives the flash submission a professional entry presentation of a Newgrounds oriented project. Second : Drew is like a Goku twin . why not making the character tweaks in the hair. 3. The fight was short and so uninteresting cause Goku was the agresive and Drew doesnt stand a chance of counterattacking in a fair manner of background and strenght . Credicts: This is a last aspect that flashmakers shouldnt miss to finish a flash with grace telling people who conceived the flash and the origin of the contents in a flash.

As SS4 Flamealchemist stated theres no easy way you would know the start and the end of the flash until you watch it several times realizing the movies goes into a continiuos loop.

Just Remember DogDays your flash is good but the next projects in flash be sure to polish them well and your submissions scores will impove better!


DogDays124 responds:

It's a test. Read the description. I just wanted to see how well I could animate now.


Why doesn't anyone understand that anymore. This is the third sprite fight in a row that I watched that doesn't have one. And this is one of those that the ending and the beginning blend so well that it's hard to tell when it ends. I watched this about 4 times before I realized it was looping.

Not a bad fight but there wasn't much content. It just didn't seem like it had that much effort put into it. it was extremely short with a few hit sounds. Probably would be better off as an animated gif than a flash movie. No offense.

I didn't really see any special effects or anything. just some sprite movement and few sounds. At least it looks pretty fluid. Everything moves the way it is supposed to, no shaky feet or anything like that. I wouldn't mind seeing a more thought out fight that way you could throw in some special effects and show us what you're really made of. As it stands now, it's basically something a 10 year old could put together. Again, no offense. There just isn't enough content to show us your skills.

DogDays124 responds:

It's a test. Read the description. I just wanted to see how well I could animate now.

Eh not very good

This movie is well...its just okay at best.
It is short, the fighting is bland, there is no music, and the background is horrible quality. On the bright side the sprites and still in good quietly and that recolor is nicely done as well.
Next time try adding a little more effects to the movie, it will give a little more depth and wow the person watching. Try a higher quality background, honestly I can't even tell what I am looking at. Finally add a little music to add with the theme of the fight.

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Sep 30, 2011
10:05 PM EDT