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Pussy Game

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Something is amidst in the town of Dolesfield. A hero for the cats and someplace to call home! Join in as she steals from the people are gives to her feline companions. Below a low meow, and chuckle to the the antics of her four pawed friends as they plan a great diamond heist.

This is my 6th collaboration with Disko Warp Records.

Directed & Animated: James Franzen (2011)

Title: Pussy Game (Disko Warp 2011 Speedy Mix)

Artist: Bonnie Maxx

Producer: P. Ellison

Lyrics: P.Ellison/R.Picard

Youtube version available here if your computer lags...


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meow :3 fun song and a red-head thief... nice

Noice, (cough) that dancing and rating by esrb (cough)

It's wondrous being alive so I can experience creations like this. 5 stars.

Holy smokes, those thieves.
Such cute little thieves, I couldn't ever convict them!
Very smooth animation and again some amazing artwork.

I loved that Cute cuddly and mischievous and funny they at first fall in to that the cats are just so cute
A purrfect weapon no one susppects a thing ;3 overall i love the art its cute,kawaii, like art styles that make it amazing and the song mind blowing watch out ur in the splash zone ^.^