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Transformice Falcon Punch

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The Heroic Mouse, donned in Captain Falcon's gear, sacrifices himself to defeat the evil Black Shadow (mouse thing). Link, the creator of a flash game and the butt joke of the internet are saddened by the loss.


Okay, to be honest, I know I'm submitting something that's "incomplete." Well, it's complete that I'm not working on it anymore. I'm not going to lie to myself: I'm not going to animate each and every frame of that dissolving animation if I can do much easier things, like code simple video games. That's a lot easier than drawing each and every tedious frame, and to be honest, I've got school. Can't waste it on an animation I lost enthusiasm for.

So I roughly spent 3 weeks of time on this. 1 week of fervent work on the outlining, another week fervently coloring it in, and some odd amount of time I can't recall trying to color and add shading I never really added. :| I thought it would have been cool for a Ganon-esque mouse to be falcon punched. It gave a bit more flair to the "Transformice" rule I set down for myself.


As a sort of extra thought, I spent a lot of time looking up older falcon punch animations because I really wanted this to be high quality: the best I could do. And by animation standards, it is (sadly, as I have so much I can improve on. u_u). So I really gotta add Hulalaoo as inspiration, because save for some sonic falcon punch thing on youtube, his really was the best.
...oh, there's another falcon punch animation. Who knew?

I also want to mention a few things that went through my mind during the animation:
-Captain Falcon dies. I see a lot of animations skirting this, so I -really- wanted to emphasize this. Falcon dies. The universe is now left with one less source of awesome. Of course, in the world of bullshit....
-In relation to the current increase of Captain Falcon in the Super Smash Brothers Brawl universe of tourney play, I added some obscure text that says something like +5 tier.
-Probably any reference to pop culture you mention is probably right.


In conclusion to the artistic notes above (I tried to avoid from bullshit, but I also like typing a lot), please enjoy this final working version of Transformice: Falcon Punch.

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The art was a bit unpolished, but it was good overall. The main problem I have with the animation is the inconsistency in the line quality, it's a bit uncanny to watch but the overall idea was funny and you're a good animator, the only issue with your animation is the inconsistent line quality.



Awshum :3

This is Great! I play this game and its awesome! make more!


eh, animation was pretty good, the idea is funny. the bits a tad tired and old. dont know who he was fighting, but to be honest, seeing a link transformice, made it all worth the 5/5 and 10/10 XD!