Goblin Invasion

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An army of goblins try to invade enemy land, but neither side is very competent...

Sorry about the ads, but money is fairly useful in this day and age.

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all the little things

The only error I saw in this flash was a bit of static on the voices, but regardless it came together great. Making that full slayer helmet shiny rather than the normal dull gray was a nice touch. Was he meant to be in proselyte on him as well?

maxvm responds:

That static might be from Audacity cancelling out the hiss of the microphone. It's a great tool, but not perfect.

Loves it

I thought it was great, I loved the animation, and found it hilarious.

I do think it was odd how the goblins were planning on invading the bandits next, yet they had defeated them the previous day.

maxvm responds:

The Castle Folks had just defeated the Bandits the day before, if you're confused. The Goblins were planning on invading the Castle before invading Bandit territory. It's a nice little triangle going on there!

I am a little confused,,,,

Although I think that how you wanted it ... And I like the ending song.I was playing the non 16-bit version in my car before I came onto the this and watched the video...but for the life of me I can't remember the name of the song

maxvm responds:

Mariana's Trench by August Burns Red!

I Dig It!

I really like the vibe and atmosphere you created in this flash. Everything seemed to fit in place and flow. I, unlike other NG reviewers, liked the voice work you did It was different than a lot of stuff out there, not to mention refreshing. I think it stands out from the crown, and could possibly become your signature. The sound quality sounded good as well. What kind of mic do you use? And did you write the ending song? Because if you did, props to you, it sounds pretty nifty.
Anyway, keep up the great work, and I'm hoping that you're going to make this into a continuing series!

maxvm responds:

I used a Sampson CO1U to record my voice, and I highly recommend it! All music tracks are 8-bit remixes I found of August Burns Red songs, so absolutely no credit goes to me.


"Why do you want these lands anyway?"

The question that could end most wars from 1500 A.c. and before XD

maxvm responds:

Alternatively, "Why do you believe in that sky wizard anyway?"

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4.17 / 5.00

Sep 28, 2011
8:30 AM EDT
Comedy - Original