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-Another Dimension-

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2D meets 3D... too bad that there is no life on planet 3D :¨(

Some people sed the 2D was too simple and ugly xD
It is ment to look "childish".
The 3D is simple, so I made the 2D simple too...
And I like the "childish" style so x)
Just so you guys know :)

Please rate and comment! I will respond :D


Have a nice day!
Everything made by me except the musik (by Chopin)!

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Very interesting! :D

Although some elements of this animation did seem rather childish, I really enjoyed this piece! The 3-D planet was probably the most visually impressive thing to me; I loved how smoothly the background panned along as the 2-D characters moved across the landscape, and the 3-D alien guy was pretty cool as well.

Things I would have changed:
- The edges of most everything in this flash have a rough, nasty look to them
- The 2-D people could have used a little more movement

Besides that though; This is an awesome effort!

~Dj Sonik

-Review Request Club-

Carr77 responds:

Yeah, I know, the 2D people are a bit stiff ;)

A Good Idea

This wasn't bad at all. I think the title is pretty clever, and the music definitely makes it what it is.

The 3D elements looks a little rough around the edges but that didn't really bug me too much. I would have liked to have seen a little more detail and care gone into the 2D characters and such, but there wasn't anything that was painfully obvious and screaming to be fixed, so all in all, I think you've done a pretty good job with this.

Like I said, the choice of song was superb and really helped to put the emotion into the animation.

Good job, keep it up!

*Review Request Club*

Carr77 responds:

Thanks for your comment :D

I didn't put so much detail on the 2D characters because I wanted them to look "chidlish" ;)

But THANKS for your comment, and have a nice day :D


Not sure if I understood this story completly, but the 3D robot like character at the end looked pretty sad. So hopefully the 2D creatures will return some day, since they should now know there indeed IS life in the 3D world.

The musical choice was very nice and I like how the story of the flash went along so well with the music. Maybe the musical climax should've come a tad bit earlier (right now it happens when the rocket goes back to earth, I think it should happen when 2D and 3D characters see each other).

Other than that, this is a very nice flash!

{ Review Request Club }

Carr77 responds:

Thanks for your comment :D

Cute story

Well the story felt cute anyways.

The animation here was nice as it seems to be a blend of both 3D and 2D. How long did you spend animation the 3D part since the 2D pieces felt like it would have taken a shorter time to animate on this one I think. The 3D creature looked rather sad as the human things left it behind alone in its own world. The space, moon, and Earth at the end all looked nice.

The choice in music was rather nice as well I think. Gives a feeling that in the end they might just get to meet each other again one day in the future.

Overall, the story line was nice and the graphics were even nicer.

Review Request Club

Carr77 responds:

Thanks for the comment xD

I am pretty new to 3D, so I made the 2D look noobish too :)
That's why I didn't spend so much time on the 2D :D

Thanks :3

Neat story.

The ending was kind of heart-warming. xD

I pretty much had no beef with anything, really.

Carr77 responds:

Thank you!