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Epic Jump

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This is a short movie I made for the Newgrounds 2011 competition. I don't expect it to win, but I submitted it anyway.


it was quite good!

this was actually quite entertaining to watch!
you made a very simple animation that was very fun to watch which is very rare on this site so keep it up and you will eventually be the best animator who ever lived!

No, just no

There was little animation just some tweens that weren't even properly done. No ease movement at all. I understand that you are a beginner but you must practice you're skills more. The graphics were no good, I'm not a fan of stick figures, but this is just bad anyways. The animation was WAY too stale for example when the guy splashes in the water you just drew a bunch of lines instead of taking you'e time and animating a proper splash. I've sen your other work and know that you're still getting there, I highly recommend you get a tablet.

Although the plot was good, and a bit funny the stale animation and bad graphics ruined it. The sound was good but was over looping and not going along with the animation you need to really work hard and put some effort, a simple "Stop();" command would have stopped the music at the end of the animation, instead of just repeating after the end of the animation.

Overall I have to say I'm not impressed you never showed any effort and if you at least worked a bit more on it I'd say it would be at least decent.

Please work harder!

DrunkenMonkey123 responds:

I agree with you, but...

...you're really starting to piss me off, Alex. I could have taken the criticism if it wasn't for that last paragraph. "Overall I have to say I'm not impressed you never showed any effort and if you at least worked a bit more on it I'd say it would be at least decent.

Please work harder!"

I never showed any effort?
1. I started off with a shitty, badly done movie that got blammed instantly.
2.I worked harder and eventually my stuff got accepted into the portal. Some of it actually didn't do so badly.

And you?
1. You're a year older than me.
2. You keep giving me lectures and advice when you haven't submitted any flash yourself. I don't doubt that you could submit something good, but maybe you could show me how it's done.

I don't want to start an argument, but you were kind of asking for it. No offence meant.


There really isnt much here except a few lines and tweens to move em. I understand if you are not a good artist. Stick figures are not the problem here. Its lack of trying i think. You wanted to make a cliff but all you drew was a corner... the stick doesn't move once. If you are not good at drawing something, look to google for some help. There are plenty of drawing sites to help you improve. Let alone just google a picture of a cliff and take notes of the details it have. Try harder next time. Don't put it up if your not going to even put effort into your work. Also don't complain about getting 4's from peoples reviews.

DrunkenMonkey123 responds:

I'm not complaining, I'm just making a point. I'm just a beginner with flash, so don't expect a masterpiece from me.

just saying...

Hey, keep up the work.
to me, and to a lot of people on this site, i think a 4 ranking is avg, so don't even worry about people saying its okay, and then giving you a four. That's just part of some peoples mental scoring system.

The constructive criticism has already been spoken by the other people that have reviewed it.

MelanizingChameleon gave you 6 things that you could work on, and personally i agree with all six.

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DrunkenMonkey123 responds:

I agree with almost all your points... but the first constructive criticism I got was from yunhut. The other ones just said it was crap - they didn't specify why.

Pretty bad

Its pretty bad man, let me tell you why:
1. It lacked any sort of coherent plot
2. The animation was absent, other than him zipping across the screen
3. The music overlaps when you replay the flash
4. Too short
5. Play and Replay buttons were identical
6. No Background

This really doesn't need to be on Newgrounds. Next time you make a flash, try to watch it after you've made it, and see if you enjoyed watching it other than for the fact that you made it. If you DON'T want to watch it, what makes you think other people would?

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DrunkenMonkey123 responds:

Hey, if people didn't want this to be on newgrounds, they would have blammed it. It's not been blammed. I agree with your six points, though.

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Sep 24, 2011
4:12 AM EDT