Silent Hill Madness Short

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This was originally meant to come out in a collab that never happened. Then it was meant to come out in a 2 man collab with Psychojester that never happened. It's been sorta sitting on my computer and I guess I just kinda felt like submitting it just for the hell of it.

Hey, it's Madness Day after all.

So yeah just a short little movie I made, don't expect much. Have a good MD2011, scallywags.

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How can you kill the pyramid head? Pls answer me.

Littleluckylink responds:

He can't really be killed, as he is a spirit that embodies and assembles itself upon its own will.

Still wating for you new Dawn of the Madness animation :)

wow nice

Pretty good, I can even see it being full length animation like Dawn/Day/Dusk of the Madness as having Silent Hill's monsters would allow some pretty creative kills. Obviously it would have to be Madness first and Silent Hill second (assuming it's even possible to have Silent Hill in non-game format since it depends on a lot of things that can only really be done in games).

(tr;dr: It's good)

Its not cool to kill humans but funny video