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Author Comments

I worked on this movie for a long time and i am posting it i hope you will enjoy it.

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I don't get it.

a circle with ng from space comes to kill hackers and news anchors

its ok maybe you could have worked on it more


this one is kinda hard to rate, some of the drawings are not too good, while others are pretty good, the animation is the same way some parts seemed like they had more effort put into them than others, the only major drawback though was that repetitive sound clip, you'd've been better off just letting the song play straight through.

Well, you tried..

..but it was stil an awful flash. You had a good concept in killing NG Hackers, andeven the plot and all that stuff was well-developed. That being said, the graphics were absolutely terrible (although the newsguy was decent). The music doesn't really loop properly, and the animation, at least at the beginnign, was pretty confusing. Learn to draw better and the flash will be better.

Shadow Flare's Review

Note: I rate by today's standards no matter when the portal entry was submitted nor the experience of the author.

Graphics (5) - The graphics did not have enough time put into them. And Africa was hanging off of the world.

Style (4) - Ok.. a hacker gets shot to death and a guy's head falls off... I think I'm being generous with the style here.

Sound (2) - The beginning "music" was annoying and it made it difficult to hear what the fat guy was saying and I nearly closed out of it early for that reason.

Violence (10) - A guy got his head cut off and a hacker was shot to death.

Interactivity (0) - None. I don't count play buttons.

Humor (0) - This was annoying. Not funny.

Overall (4) - I average my scores together to avoid giving out a score too high or too low.

Credits & Info

2.21 / 5.00

May 3, 2000
6:08 PM EDT