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I like the animation in this one. All the backgrounds were done in Flash. Amazing what you can do in that program. Although it is still full of bugs. Sort it out Adobe!

Thanks to Micah Shenk for some of the voices.

I look forward to all you guys' feedback. Plus. Help me get it on the home page. I've been animating for 7 years and I've never gotten anything on the home page :(


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the voice acting was awesome, and i laughed pretty good at the joke, it defintely deserves a 5!

OscarBaldwinStudio responds:

Wow, glad you liked it :D Please head over to my youtube channel and subscribe for even better newer stuff :D https://www.youtube.com/user/oscarbaldwinchannel

Funny Stuff

Great animation, solid voice acting, and hilarious idea. Deserves a perfect 10.

P.S. I bet I could take either of these trainers. My R. Kelly just hit level 33 and learned Piss technique.

OscarBaldwinStudio responds:

Haha :) Glad you liked it. You can see more animations like this (but better!) on my youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/oscarbaldwinchannel

Why Do We Alays Do This?!

xD This had me laughing the whole it.
It was random and epic.
:D Pedomon~!

OscarBaldwinStudio responds:

Haha. Glad you really liked it :D Subscribe to my youtube channel for more comedic insanity if you want :D https://www.youtube.com/user/oscarbaldwinchannel

que mamada

it was a good animation and was loling as hell.

OscarBaldwinStudio responds:

cool man, i'm glad. It's all about the lols


Love love love :) Very funny and very great. Hope you make more :D

OscarBaldwinStudio responds:

I'm planning on making a toon every 2 weeks now.