Burning Bunny Mind Melt

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A loop made for September's DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE themed LoopdeLoop animation challenge.

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This is quite possibly the scariest thing i've ever seen.

TheBoogley responds:

Making children frightened of chocolate, it's my way of tackling childhood obesity :3

Ignites a flaming hunger in my stomach.

This can also be used as a year-round electronic Easter card

TheBoogley responds:

easter electrocutions!! 8O

Fuck man...

You are a master...

Seriously I'm always amazed at some of the effects you manage to pull off in your inventive loops. This one is perhaps more basic than your other looped submissions, however it's still a wonderful aesthetically pleasing piece of eye candy.

Nice choice of music too, kinda tribal, and creepy, Maybe it's odd but in tandem with the fire backdrop the loop reminds me of the opening sequence in the film terminator II.

You are an incredibly adroit individual, did you go to university? Or did you learn everything you know through trail and error?

This would have made a perfect easter submission! Obviously though it wouldn't be right to give you a perfect ten for a short loop, even if it is excellent for what it is...

Oh donkey dicks! I need to get back to work, my clients are going to skin my testicles off if I don't...

- Celx

TheBoogley responds:

Thanks mate, I've never officially studied animation, I've studied Illustration and Graphic Design, but just love animation. I've learned everything from text book, talking to other animators and by creating work and looking at the results.
what's an androit? :3

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4.62 / 5.00

Sep 20, 2011
6:43 AM EDT