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Eissac Ep 1

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Yeah, well You see, I know what you've been thinking? What is this Flash I'm watching? Well These are random events that happens to a guy like Eissac. Its kind of Interesting How I got this Name from. I just thought of a random Girl's name and vice-versa the letters. Well I know this Flash doesn't make much since but its suppose to be funny. I've seen what people did in Carameldansen and yet don't feel offended if it ends to quickly its suppose to be a laughter not something offensive. Also, This was a quick Project so, if There's anything I need to Improve on, please criticize me about it!! Otherwise Enjoy!!

P.S. This flash may contain Sound Lagging if it doesn't lag on you than good for you, I tried everything to fix it but There's no way this can be Fixed and I'm extremely sorry if I can't fix it :/

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Although the animation itself needs some work, I have to say I found it rather funny. Something you might notice, is that your audio isn't synchronized with you video (or it could be my comp is a fag >_>)

You use of Caramelldansen made me laugh quite a bit, as did your other song snippets.

MonsieurZim responds:

Yeah, its true that the audio is a little messed up, Its nothing wrong with your Computer. Also, This is a project that would've took forever, if I haven't rushed through it a little. Thanks for criticism, I might need to take more time to create my Future flash Projects..... Finally, I would like to say that I might need to work on the drawings a bit more too ;D Well thanks again!!

uuuuummmm. Okay.

While i can't say my life was enriched by watching this, i do not regret it.

MonsieurZim responds:

LOL, actually a ENEMY of mine got his ass convicted He followed every stereotype in Eissac I! You know I should make a series about This Eissac Man! I mean He sounds European and all! He wants to kick ass in Russia and runs to America! Yeah that should be a next episode!!

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2.75 / 5.00

Sep 16, 2011
11:25 PM EDT

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