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"Save the World" (a test)

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16/9/11 EDIT: Now with a preloader. Hooray kthxbye.

This is the first animation I've ever finished or submitted to Newgrounds. Yay! That being said, I will not be a whiny douche who asks you to only leave positive comments cuz I'm new. I know it's not perfect, but it makes me laugh, and I made it in a few hours, so there. If you think it sucks, whatever! S'all good!

However, I hope you enjoy it, and I hope to submit many more cartoons in the sorta near future. Have an okay day, I guess!

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existencial crisis in the shell of a nut


lol nice test It had good voice acting and great animation nice work man I enjoyed it a lot :D

Lol, i was like lol

Preloader and replay button is all you need, but i found it lulzy overall. First finished flash? youredoingitright.jpeg

Great Job!

MandoAndy responds:

ahh, thank you! :D

"There's no reason for me to even exist?!"

Definitely one of the best 'First Animations' I've ever seen. The animation was simple but it was funny enough I didn't care. Only thing is next time learn to add a 'Replay' screen at the end; the looping animation is kinda annoying.

MandoAndy responds:

Good advice. I'm actually planning on editing this and re-uploading it with a preloader and "replay" button at the end. Thanks!!

nice test.

just kidding about the tittle.

their expressions are just awesome. and great voice acting, also.

MandoAndy responds:

I appreciate it! thanks so much :)