Army Of Darkness INTRO

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The big project I am working on is Nearing completion, I appreciate everyone's patience.

Remember, unless you subscribe to my YOUTUBE CHANNEL, you cannot see the TOP SECRET project I have slaved over.

In the meantime please enjoy this piece which embraces an era long gone. An age before the internet, before the awesome Flash program was invented, as well as Windows as we know it.

My roots of computer animation date back to the days of DOS.

Inspired by Sam Raimi's Movie "ARMY OF DARKNESS," I wanted to be as good at telling a visual story as him. In the beginning of the movie, there is a great montage of what happened in the previous movie in the series, "EVIL DEAD 2."

Within about a minute, the whole recap of the movie is told, leading up to the current events of ARMY OF DARKNESS. I was blown away at how efficient and exciting every shot was. It didn't waste any time letting us know every major plot point that happens to the hero ASH (Bruce Campbell) who is Narrating throughout.

So on my 200 MHZ PC, I set forth to replicate what was in the intro of that movie.

The conditions in which this animation was made were quite harsh, but I am not complaining because it was loads fun to make!

Software: Autodesk Animator Pro (DOS)
-256 colors, 1 Undo, All effects and Tweening must be applied, copied and Pasted manually each frame, no Layers. This is a program from the early 90's.

Software: Autodesk 3DS MAX ver 2.5 (DOS)
Just 2D Shape Drawing, 2D Lofter, 3D Editor, and Hiarchy Keyframing and Material Editor. Bend Modifier effect was just introduced, but not used here. I only used 3D for the Stove Flying around and the Tunnel.

Audio equipment: VCR and Tape Cassette player
Had to eyeball the Syncing by replaying VHS tape because no Capture software invented yet.

This was made in the mid 1990's. I am glad we have the Internet and Newgrounds now so I don't have to record my stuff on VHS in order to share it.

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evil dead 3:army of darkness


One of my all time favirote movies ever made ever.
And a good animation at that
My final words
Klaatu barada..... um......nickle? no, necktie?

Great stuff!

This kind of reminds me of some old short animations I made with Deluxe animation back in the day. :) But they were just having fun as a kid and can't really be compared to this.

Obviously a lot of effort went into this, and it shows respect to the actual movie. It's kind of hard to review a thing like this though. It's well done, but there is really no way you can call it original. I was about to give this an 8, but to support the spirit of something that's genuinely Old school%u2122 I'll give this a 9. :)

Amazing work

Since you did do this with proper old school machine and the result is this.
What else can I give it, but a 5 and a 10. After reading how much work you did put in to this, I just need to see more of the things you have done :D

fuck this is epic

but the quality was kinda bad but it needs no blamz this is to cool

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Sep 12, 2011
7:37 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody