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Detestable I

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Long long time ago that i made an animation!

No time, too lazy etc. you know that.
So no excuses, here is me newest animation!
I made this short one 30sec animation cuz I got a bit rusty.
I thought a short one would be enough to restore the magic of animation :D My next one will be longer again I promise!

So here it is! Enjoy.

Detestable I - Restoring the Magic

Greetings to my dear inspiration, Nicole :)

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Damn! Nice fighting and Ive not seen one this good in awhile most stick fights are ether badly animated or just plain boring.

Yeeeeaaaah !!!

I always loved the Stick's Movies !!!!! Now, here, it's great dude. I like you're game with differents Colours. Yeah dude, you made a good Flash Movie.


exellcent work I also liked that you used escape from the city song!
(I can't be deleted because i never said where it was from!)

Good Job!

I don't normally like stick-mation, but this one with the blur/glow effect of the blood etc and smooth animation and very fast paced action made it "stick" out! Good job! Keep it up! Upbeat music helped too, familiar song, couldn't put my finger on it though..

Pretty good

I really liked how you put in a song from SA2B...That actually made me smile as soon as I heard the intro. So that alone gives you like, 5 stars. And then as soon as the "Woo!" chimes in it jumps straight into the action, haha. Since there's really no plot and it's just senseless killing, you can't really expect to get a high rating. That, and the graphics were fairly simple and the duration was short. Also, the ending just kind of leaves your audience hangin' there, like "Oh wow, that's it?" Just a suggestion, but I recommend that for your next flash you pick up where this one left off. Improve the graphics, give it a story, make the duration slighty longer, and you've got gold in my book, baby.