True Story!

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Hi everyone! Just a flash I made about a real life event that happen at my English Class :D

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It's all right. By that I mean it's not terrble, but it still lacks a lot of what makes a flash good. For once it doesn't have very good graphics. The graphics are decent, but not amazing. Same can be said for animations, they easily get a bit choppy and such.

The voices aren't very good either, your English isn't the best and it's easy to hear, along with the bad quality microphone it somewhat ruins the flash for me. THe skit was also quite short, and I didn't really find it funny.

Fine, I suppose

Hmm, you actually made a Kamehameha in school that destroyed the entire Earth? You would think I would know about the Earth being destroyed. Anyway, the animation in this wasn't too bad, but it just wasn't anything that special. The same goes for the voice work. I guess there have just been so many DBZ jokes it's hard to come up with new, original ones. The execution wasn't bad, it just didn't accomplish that much.

I will admit that it was fairly unpredictable. As you originally said it was based on a true story, I expected nothing supernatural to happen. Well, that's how it goes sometimes. Hopefully, you can learn to put in some more jokes and it'll be more enjoyable. At least you can say you got a really high score with only a couple hundred votes.

Stupid english lessons!

So true :D
I am sure your teacher would be proud of you =3

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3.89 / 5.00

Sep 9, 2011
7:36 AM EDT
Comedy - Original