Buttsky at Work

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Here you go Tom, now acknowlege me as sharing your birthday!

Sound credits to Flashkit.com

Man it's 3am and I am in pain gotta be up at seven tomorrow


Overall I liked it, was funny and quick to the punch line. And if it was a frame by frame then dam, great job, takes forever to make that way 5/5

Otto responds:

Thanks man

thats amazing

i just went here to check out your submission after i saw your answer in the frame--by-frame animation thread

THIS is some pretty sweet frame-by-frame! the "feel" of this is great!
good job!!

Otto responds:

Ah thankyou very much. Keep your eyes peeled for a game soon. :)


The ending was hilarious. =D

...I agree with PIED3, the artwork and sounds were great.

Otto responds:


Well done.

I liked the art style and simplicity of the setting. The idea is very straightforward as well. However, my only gripe is when the clown kills himself. It doesn't seem obvious what he kills himself with since it happens quickly and then the flash ends right after. Were it somewhat slower and more obvious what he was killing himself with, I wouldn't have any problems with it. Otherwise, everything else is, to me, fine as it is.

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Otto responds:

Definitely right; I got quite lazy at the end and hoped maybe it would be clear enough but adding another camera shot, like when he put his book down, made that four hours I had left to sleep seem like heaven haha.

Thanks for the review :0


I like the set up and the sound effects where great, along with the artwork you really created an office feel. I liked the idea of a depressed clown stuck with some shitty day job. But i think the pacing was a little off, and the ending was far to fast and sparsely animated for me to really enjoy it. You should have drawn it out it a bit more having the clown sigh heavily, pick up the shredder, look at it, THEN kill himself. As is you have a fairly nice piece of work, which having been made in what i assume was a rush, is good going.

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Otto responds:

Thanks for your kind words - I tried hard for the details. And I totally agree - I may finish the ending properly as I envisioned it soon and put a dump link on this page so I don't feel so unsatisfied! :D

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3.69 / 5.00

Sep 8, 2011
10:02 PM EDT
Comedy - Original