Game Mashup Part 2

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Please watch part 1 before watching this. This is part 2 of what will probably end up being a 4 part series of my first attempt at a flash project. I apologize for how short this part is. I tried to keep the SWF size down and had to sacrifice the length of the video. Part 3 will be longer.. I hope you enjoy regardless. Any requests for a character or background you want to see are still welcome.

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Seen it already

On your last video, I gave you an 8/10. On this one, I'm dropping it to a 6 because of the fact that it's even shorter than the last one, and this time it was even more random.

However, the Cranky part made me chuckle a little bit.

Lemme give you an idea for a STORY, which is what this needs.

This is the world of Mariopia, where all the game characters rest after debuting in their latest games. (Change Mariopia to something better.) In this world there are the superstars of gaming (Mario, DK, Samus, Solid Snake, etc) and there are the lower echelons who wish to be in big games and become famous.

This series should chronicle the lives of the citizens of Mariopia as they go about their daily lives, when suddenly people from the lower Echelons revolt, attempting to take over the mass media frenzy.

Seriously man, please put enough work into this to make it a legit flash series, and not some half-baked idea that will never bear fruition. Give it a story for christ sake.


Nice Music, and also all the characters are awesome


I don't really see anything here that resembles much of a story other than video game characters all live within the same universe.

I watched your first episode and it really didn't do anything for me. Personally I'm exhausted with the whole premise of using sprites as a means to tell a story when you are very limited on just how far you can go with little dialog to back it up. Maybe I am being a little harsh on this, but this video just felt like a screensaver to me. People can find GIFs to use in Flash easily, so the most I can give you credit for it doing that and adding a couple of lines in that Cranky says. Judging by the length of how short these videos are now, I don't see this working out for the next couple of videos you have planned.

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Sep 5, 2011
3:14 AM EDT