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Arise & Shine INDIA

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Since Gandhi's freedom struggle India has been free from British rule since 1947 the past 64 years but has been under heavy corruption which has still held it under. Now in 2011 Anna Hazare performed a hunger fast for the over 12 days to pass the most important bill in the Indian legislation and has WON the anti-corruption movement! Will this be the end of our poverty struck times and a NEW beginning of the true glory India is yet to unleash again into the world...


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Gandhiji.. was a Freedom Fighter in Indian..By took NON-VIOLENCE as his weapon to Indepence of INDIA...

People In all country knew "Mahatma Gandhiji" because of his Non-violence and Love on people..
He is similar to Mother Terasa...
Got it..clervis...

Thanks to make me to explain about Our Legend Gandhiji....

jackbliss responds:

Thanks for your review. Yes Gandhi was an amazing human being and inspiration to India and the world :)

Who's Ghandi?

I pretty sure you're thinking of Houdini.


this is absolutely great!!! it reminds me of the great history of our country, and how important it is for the youth to step forward and participate in the process of bringing in the change.
jai hind :)

jackbliss responds:

Thank you for the review This is truly a very important time for the youth in our country. We must make the best use of it and change things for the better. Jai Hind :)

Short but Evocative

While this flash is little more than a well-animated political cartoon, it's good to have somebody drawing the attention of an English speaking audience to the politics of non "Western" countries. Thank you for taking the time to make an informative piece like this.

jackbliss responds:

Your welcome and thanks for taking the time to review it :)

Very interesting

I don't know as much about India as I should or would like to. I would like to visit one day. We English really buggered you over didn't we?

jackbliss responds:

Ha ha we learnt a lot from you guys and helped each other out in many ways. Now o the only thing buggering us is the damn corruption. Help us out in any way you can including sharing this flash.Thanks for the review. Visit us soon :)