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Sonic Wars Episode I

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Hi this is Shadic15 presenting Sonic Wars Episode I.

IMPORTANT - READ FIRST : You need to press SpaceBar in order to proceed during the conversations. If there's a white border, though, they will proceed automatically.

Four years and now the first episode is finished. I'm so glad that I finally could realize what I have been secretly dreaming for ages. Sonic and Star Wars make a good combination to me and this fact motivated me to complete this. I hope you all like it and, depending on your reaction, who knows, maybe there will be a second installment. But for now, enjoy ^^

PS : It's no full length movie. In fact, it's pretty short, but that's the way I like to keep things...

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Super Awesome! I want more of the series! Im sooooo excited for a new episode!!!!!!!!!!

HOLY CRAP THAT WAS CONFUSING and is this sonic the same one from sonic of the dead

Sci fi

This is just as good as the movie was made!


...What more can I say? Other than that I wish I'd discovered this sooner - like when you first posted it, LOL. But it was so good I just had to submit a review, even if I'm a little late to the party. Anyway, to be more specific - The animation is superb. I totally agree with SHIFT's review below - the faces Sonic makes when he sees Shadow fight are priceless. I love the mix of Star Wars and Sonic music, and the humor. The dialog is pretty good too. And personally I prefer the old style sprites to the Sonic Advance sprites myself - they have a more 3-D look to them, and I think they're a better fit with your backgrounds than Advance sprites would have been. Looking forward to Part 2.


I was a BIG fan of your Sonic of the Dead series, and it's exciting to see you back with another flash! This was an interesting start to what seems like a series with alot of potential. I'll admit, I'm not the biggest Star Wars freak, but I am interested in seeing what's going on with Sonic and Shadow alot. I wish there was a little bit more in this episode, but I'm psyched to see some work from you!