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I did a version of Hyakugojyuuichi named H'yakoogojooeechee with all versions of me and my friends imitating Hyakugojyuuichi as gift for Neil Cicierega. I am huge fan of his work specially Hyakugojyuuichi. I hope Neil like this!

Ps: this is not the original and i own some of the characters and i don't inveted this it are decedents of those videos http://www.youtube.com/wa tch?v=4GY-JxfNuGM http://www.youtube.com/wa tch?v=SySmXL_BhfE

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Like the guy below says, unless you establish the inside joke for the audience it isn't funny.

Seems more like an attempt for e-fame.

Lucoshi responds:

who cares about! i'm an fan plz let it be a tribute!

Neil Cicierega is a Goon

Neil is over 20yrs old . I'd honestly dont think he'd have time to see this 'tribute' ; His movie is over 9 years old. I don't really identify with "you and your friends"- tihs also has none of the carrm of the original. You'd probably be better off writing him a letter.

I don't really haev any problems w/ this, but its rolled almost entirely inside the original and a joke between u and your friends; who are these ppl? why are they funny?

Lucoshi responds:

Meh! I tried write a letter bur nothing!

*clears throat*


Lucoshi responds:

Liked (i guess)


sense, where did you go?

Very good!

I am probably only giving this such a high review because I think animutation is the best flash work that ever came out of Newgrounds. It's mostly a meme in itself. It is great to see an updated version of it with new references. I liked how the main character was Togepi with Shino's glasses and hair. It was a bit hard to identify the characters that were in this, but it's still quite creative. I do, however, have to say I am disappointed Colin Mochrie did not appear in this.

It's great as usual to hear that awesome song. It's about pokemon and you can actually hear the chorus say "Pokemon" at one point. When it gets to the part with the three dancing guys in "TV says doughnuts etc..." I believe I heard "Homestar" being said. Then again, this did have a Homestar reference in it. You could have also used the Cheatball, the Homestar Runner anime equivalent of The Cheat.

Lucoshi responds:

Colin Mochrie want kill the togepi got it?