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Creaturing : Begins

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Children are often inspired by everything around them. In the same family as the Monster Engine, the Creaturing Project is about taking the art of children (grades 1-6) and reimagining it through the eyes of seasoned Newground's artists.

To learn more about the project, you can visit the temp site : creaturing.micklauer.com
For the official site (unfinished) : www.creaturing.com

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Really liked the concept, the re-drawings you made were very comfy, It's always beautiful to see something new and amazing.

I know i am a lot late to the party but thanks for creating this video.

I loved this because of how genuine it is. Are these all stuff you guys drew? I'm thinking it's stuff other kids did. I think it's wonderful that you're bringing their work to life. I appreciate the great sounds. The quotes are always wonderful.

It's great to see how our work evolves over time. We shall always have creativity. Drawings are a wonderful way to express that. We need pleasant stuff like this. I'm glad so many people worked on it, too.

Great transformations. Would be even better to see the characters in games or videos.



wow. just - wow. makes you remember.