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Author Comments

This incarnation of the hero of time probably has seen better days.

My very first flash animation. I probably spent two weeks trying to figure everything out in Flash.

I'd like to mention Skaijo and her great Professor Layton parody series which motivated me to start working with Flash. Obviously I was heavily inspired by her crazy style with random quotes, harsh language and flying images.

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Shit son, SHIT!! Good stuff man, Hope you keep making these :D

LordCanas responds:

Ohey, thanks for the positive feedback. I actually made another flash animation besides this one, you know. There's also a third one planned (the audiofile is already finished) but I'm not sure when I'll animate it.

bullcrap review below me

1:never read anything below an eight reviews that have real insight are low if it is a perfect 10 then there can be nothing usefull in it what you should weed out is the short comments 2 even people that don't understand making flash (such as myself) can have usefull information not in how you do stuff but just what needs fixing you gotta figure out how to actually do stuff yourself or with the help of a good flash artist 3 this was horrible it did not entertain me, make me laugh, the art was horrible i'm not hating i'm just saying work hard and get better.

Let's Talk NG for a bit:

NG is weird compared to a lot of other sites you can host videos on because the judging is done by experienced animators, hobbyists, and talentless cynics alike. The judging is uneven--so numbers and rankings don't matter or equate to squat. Always remember that. Same for the reviews, a detailed thought-provoking critique should never be summed up to a finite numerical amount. And there's plenty of that here. Views are just another number, an empty statistic--real money is in the comments. And not just quantity of comments, but thought that have been put into them. It's really rewarding when someone I've been inspired by drops in to talk about my animations for a bit.

That said, this is a great site for exposure and developing an awareness for the drastically difference audiences you'll grow compared to sites like youtube or deviantart. My advice is that you use DA as a soundboard for what to improve on and build a supportive fanbase (block any dicks instantly--keep that filter strong), make those corrections, and submit to newgrounds (or post in a NG opinion forum for more critique) for the most unbiased critique.

Also, never read any review below an 8.

Never respond to anything that isn't a 10.

Reading enough poison comments can actually make you feel bad. Especially when 80% of the people comment here don't understand the craft. If someone has something very profound to explain to you in order for you to improve, they'll do it via PM (that happens pretty often, and those messages are far more supportive and open to extended conversations). So just skip overy anything that can be potentially abusive to keep this hobby fun.

That's about it.

LordCanas responds:

Thank you very much for your kind advice and support. It means a lot to me, especially coming from someone like you. I do understand how important comments can be, numbers like views or favorites just aren't the kind of feedback which really help to improve. It's all about the reactions which make any work really worthwile for an artist besides realizing his own visions.

I won't go down that easily, that I can assure you. I always strive for new challenges and new achievements, such as completing a really hard project or making "that one thing you always wanted to". I'm all about this. So expect my next flash project already in near future.

Constructive Criticism

About 3/4 into the flash, the timing of the mouths and voices are off, another good thing would to have a plot and stick to it and also have more movements with the animation. I understand it's your first flash, and congrads on learning it, you're ahead of me in that department.

Dick on wheels?

What was up with the photo of that Reggie guy, and for that matter, who is he?
For some reason I couldn't stop laughing at him...

LordCanas responds:

That's Reggie Fils-Aime, president of Nintendo of America. Due to Link being a massive Nintendofan, and after seeing that other fanboy basement with Iwata on the wall, he had to compete.

Of course nothing of this is meant to make any sense, it's just to make people smile for the heck of it.