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[SOUP] Plum Soup's Day

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Soup Squad Represent!

Shitty animation and freestylin' done by Senmetsu :D

I put a lot of work into this and actually learned a lot about tweenin my objects, and adding sounds to my videos, so this was a great learning experience :)

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2011 was a time

i loled

so i guess that makes it into a nic animation

just the audio was grate and i guess the animasion was bad intecional or u were lasy.

Senmetsu responds:

I'm new at this stuff

animation sucked but

the audio made up for it. so for some of the funny audio i wont blam this.

Senmetsu responds:

You liked my crazy voice?

I was having fun... and yeah the animation blew, but its the best I know how to do at this point :)

I'll remember that the funny audio was the only redeeming quality, and focus on having more funny audio in my future flashes with improved animation.

Thanks for the help :)


Welcome to the cocksucker's club.

Senmetsu responds:

Thanks Sevkat! I look forward to years and cocksucking!

10/10 and 5/5 on your review!

Sigh ...

You'd think that eventually people would get tired of "picking on" the new crew.

If you were a legit member, which obviously you're not, I would tell you not to submit this and actually develop a plot, first and foremost. Then I would tell to work on the voice acting and actually make some color coordination.

Nobody wants to watch some stupid spazzy dance routine.

Senmetsu responds:

I tried to get some input, but the forum was down.

You said to become a member we had to develop a soup character, make a flash that flashes, and come submit our application.

I developed plum soup, and a flash that passed, and as soon as the forum is back up I'll be submitting my application. Sounds like its gonna be denied, sadly...